Endurance is an artwork by Séfora Camazano. This remarkable piece is an original Giglée Fine Art print on a 100% acid-free cotton canvas, measuring 71 x 51 cm. Crafted in the year 2024, it is part of the Female Portraits: Looking Back to the Pastcollection.

The painting is a portrait of Sandra, who is seated sideways on a black-painted wooden chair. She wears an elegant white dress with a “V” neckline and a straw hat adorned with a black satin ribbon. Although her gaze appears sad, it also reveals a glimmer of hope as she looks towards the light. Her long hair is gathered up and barely visible. Her left arm rests gently on the chair’s backrest, revealing her delicate watch, while her right arm is barely visible behind her dress. The arrangement of the dress fabric suggests that her legs are crossed, adding a touch of elegance to the composition.

The background of the image is a pale beige tone with some smudges, extending down to the base of the chair, where it is interrupted by a shape in a richer brown. The colors overall are soft and desaturated, occasionally punctuated by touches of intense black. Sandra’s white dress is painted with loose brushstrokes, capturing the luminosity that surrounds her from the right.

Sandra’s portrait reflects both her strength and delicacy. Her detailed face contrasts with the looser, less defined brushstrokes in the lower part of the composition. Overall, it conveys a sense of serenity and elegance that captures the essence of the protagonist.

Sandra was born in Colombia and suffered from domestic violence from her ex-partner, the father of her child. For a long time, she was a victim of constant physical and psychological abuse. Even after separating, she continued to face death threats.

She decided to seek refuge in Spain, thanks to the help of an acquaintance. However, she did not receive the assistance she had hoped for and suffered all kinds of abuse and mistreatment in various situations, due to impunity as she could not report it, being an undocumented migrant, alone, and without resources.

Sandra came to Spain hoping to start a new life, but she could never imagine that she would face so many difficulties and suffer so much. Despite everything, she maintains great inner strength, perseverance, and faith that things can improve. She is like a seemingly fragile but resilient vase that refuses to break easily.

“Endurance” reflects Sandra’s story, a difficult but inspiring narrative of how she faces each day, leaving behind the painful past but never losing the hope that brought her to Spain in the first place. Her determination to fight and find happiness despite adversity is truly admirable.

The artwork production

Endurance was inspired on the artwork Cristinita vestida de blanco (1919), by Joaquín Sorolla.


© Séfora Camazano