"Female Portraits: DonaiDona Special Edition" at Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia.

May 16th 2024 

We are pleased to present the exhibition “Female Portraits: DonaiDona Special Edition” by artist Séfora Camazano at the Botanical Garden of de University of Valencia. Curated by Miguel Arce, the exhibition showcases a total of 22 portraits from “Female Portraits: Looking Back to the Past” collection, some of which were finished this year and are presented to the public for the first time.

These portraits, which are contemporary reinterpretations of works by Joaquín Sorolla, feature anonymous women of various nationalities who have experienced some form of violence and wanted to share their stories. Through this recreation, Séfora Camazano establishes a dialogue between the women portrayed in her exhibition and those painted by Sorolla, questioning whether the way they are viewed has changed, despite all the rights gained by women in the last century.

The aim of this exhibition is to draw attention to a global issue, where women in situations of vulnerability, who have been marginalized or rendered invisible, become protagonists of works of art.

In coordination with the EVAP Association and aligned with the DonaiDona recognitions, the “Female Portraits: DonaiDona Special Edition” is a moving and evocative exhibition that highlights the role of art not only as aesthetic, but also as a tool to raise awareness and give visibility to impactful issues in society.

Where: Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia: C/ de Quart, 80, Extramurs, 46008, Valencia, Spain
From May 16th to May 19th 2024.

© Séfora Camazano