Séfora Camazano brings her distinctive vision to life as a Spanish-Brazilian artist currently anchored in the vibrant city of Valencia, Spain. With a rich tapestry of over two decades in various artistic realms, including graphic design, photography, and videography, Séfora’s creative journey is nothing short of multifaceted.

While her artistic repertoire is diverse, Séfora is most celebrated for her prowess in the delicate art of portraiture. A maestro of both avant-garde techniques and the timeless elegance of classic brushstrokes, she seamlessly bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary expression. Each stroke on her canvases is a manifestation of her consummate skill, an ode to the meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication that define her artistic philosophy.

Séfora’s forte lies in the creation of bespoke portraits that transcend the superficial and delve into the very soul of her subjects. Her paintings are not mere representations but living narratives, each imbued with the raw emotion and nuanced depth that only a true master can evoke. As she captures the stories and memories of those she portrays, Séfora’s art becomes a vessel through which the human experience is translated onto the canvas.

Her ultimate goal goes beyond the pursuit of aesthetic perfection; Séfora aims to create immersive artworks that exceed expectations, offering not just visual delight but a profound connection to the human spirit. Each of her creations serves as a testament to her commitment to excellence, conveying a message that resonates far beyond the realm of mere aesthetics, inviting viewers into an intimate dialogue with the profound and the timeless.

Artist Statement

“I passionately believe in the evocative power of images, in their ability to convey not only what is visible but also the intimate emotions of each individual. Through photography, I aspire to capture reality from my unique perspective, blending my impressions and sensations with those of the photographed subject. The result is a creation born from this authentic visual chemistry.
With painting, my aim extends beyond mere photographic reproduction. I seek to transcend the ordinary, delving into the depth of my subjects to reveal their emotions and purest essence. My purpose is to capture the core of each individual, immortalizing their unique beauty.
I dedicate myself to crafting exquisite pieces that evoke a deep connection, ensuring that those who are portrayed not only appreciate but also fall deeply in love with the results. Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than seeing one of my completed works hanging on the wall. In this classic and timeless embrace, each creation becomes a poignant testament to the eternal beauty that resides in the human spirit.”

Current exhibitions

2024: Female Portraits: Humanity (Biennale Art Expo) – Venecia, Italy

Current exhibitions at Marriott Hotels

2023-2024: Female Portraits: Confidence (Hotel AC Valencia) – Valencia, Spain
2023-2024: Female Portraits: Union (Palacio Santa Clara) – Valencia, Spain

Past exhibitions

2024: Female Portraits: Introduction (Centro Fundación ibercaja Actur) – Zaragoza, Spain
2023: Female Portraits, by Séfora Camazano (The Westin Hotel) – Valencia, Spain
2023: Retrats Femenins: Migrants (Museo de Historia de Valencia) – Valencia, Spain