Female Portraits: Migrants

Female Portraits: Migrants

“Female Portraits: Migrants” is an idea from the Spanish-Brazilian artist Séfora Camazano (Lorena, Brazil, 1981) developed when she was investigating the migration of women in Spain and the causes that have led them to leave their countries. 

The 30 women featured in the exhibition are of 15 different nationalities and of diverse origins, ages and cultures. All of them have something in common: the violence that they have suffered in their native countries, which has been the main cause for leaving their lives behind, highlighting the global issue of female migration. Despite their complicated situations, they have allowed us to photograph them as they are and to change the way they are seen, far from the stereotypical image we have of migrant women.

Becoming visible and explaining their stories.

“Female Portraits: Migrants” allows us an intimate look into the lives of these women: where we contemplate their personal stories through photographs freely chosen by them. Each set of pictures helps us to better understand their reality, and to develop empathy for the women’s lives. Their faces -which reflect adversity, strength and resilience- also show their need to turn the page on an unbearable situation. Their gazes open up a dialogue with the viewer, and cause a strong impact on them. The observer can see themselves reflected in the pictures and consequently they can understand uncomfortable situations that are sometimes invisible, but that are very real and are necessary to make public.

Female Portraits: Migrants - Aqila
Female Portraits: Migrants - Dori
Female Portraits: Migrants - Haifaa
Female Portraits: Migrants - Maryury

Exhibition Venues

March 07th, 2023 – January 07th, 2024 : Museo de Historia de Valencia – Valencia, Spain

© Séfora Camazano