Female Portraits: Looking back to the Past

The project “Female Portraits: Looking back to the past” is a testament to my commitment to making art a force for positive change. For the design of this exhibition, I drew inspiration from the Valencian painter Joaquín Sorolla, one of the most internationally renowned Spanish artists. I recreated several of his masterpieces with subjects who have faced adversity—refugees, migrants, and women who have experienced violence. Through collaboration with NGOs, I brought these women into the spotlight, allowing their stories to be immortalized on magnificent canvases.

The collection of 25 artworks, exhibited at prestigious venues like The Westin Hotel in Valencia and the Botanical Garden of de University of Valencia, reflects not only artistic prowess but a deep empathy for the human experience. Each piece aims to evoke a sense of the subjects’ presence, telling stories of resilience and triumph over life’s challenges. The project not only transforms lives but also encourages viewers to reflect on their own strength and perseverance.


With this art collection, I aim to bring attention to these women who are often unknown and do not have the opportunity to be the subjects of portraits of this nature. That’s why I use these images to bestow upon them the utmost dignity and a representation different from the usual. Simultaneously, their personal stories are being narrated. My goal is to evoke a sense of the subjects’ presence, allowing viewers to connect with their stories of overcoming challenges and finding empowerment.


All the “Female Portraits: Looking back to the past” artworks are of large format, similar in size to the original reference artworks, sharing a common theme of representing independent women who take pride in their family and their work.

The portraits are my interpretations of Sorolla’s works, offering my unique vision and style to depict these women. All the artworks were created using a variety of methodologies and artistic techniques, recreating the various compositions, brushstrokes, as well as other elements like color and light.

"Freedom" (2022)
"Confidence" (2022)
"Courage" (2022)
"Union" (2022)
"Change" (2022)
"Peace" (2022)
"Rebirth" (2022)
"Soul" (2022)
"Strength" (2022)
"Overcoming" (2022)
"Resilience" (2022)
"Dignity" (2023)
"Fortitude" (2023)
"Struggle" (2022)
"Hope" (2023)
"Respect" (2023)
"Humanity" (2023)
"Endurance" (2024)
"Audacity" (2024)
"Dawn" (2024)
"Justice" (2024)
"Love" (2024)

Exhibition Venues

May 16th, 2024 – May 19th, 2024: Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia  – Valencia, Spain
April 28th, 2023 – November 23rd, 2023: The Westin Hotel Valencia  – Valencia, Spain