Strength is an artwork by Séfora Camazano. This remarkable piece is an original Giglée Fine Art print on a 100% acid-free cotton canvas, measuring 83 x 73 cm. Crafted in the year 2022, it is part of the Female Portraits: Looking Back to the Pastcollection.

This painting is a captivating portrait of Lenis. It presents her as a modern-day fisherwoman, attired in a blue and white dress that billows gracefully around her. Her vibrant red sneakers, captured with meticulous precision, add a contemporary touch to her traditional attire. A tattoo gracefully adorns her right arm, telling a story of its own. Her hands, captured in a moment of delicate movement, convey a profound sense of connection and purpose.

Lenis’s gaze is perhaps the most captivating aspect. It seems to transcend the frame, as if she’s lost in contemplation, her thoughts drifting toward something distant and intriguing. Her eyes sparkle with a mix of determination and curiosity, inviting viewers to join her in this moment of reflection.

Directly beneath her, on the sandy ground, two baskets are carefully arranged, one nestled neatly inside the other. And the background of the image gracefully blurs into a dreamscape, where twilight colors meld seamlessly, creating an atmosphere that is both mysterious and enchanting. The transition between day and night is masterfully captured, adding depth and intrigue to the scene.

Lenis endured a painful journey marked by physical, psychological, and vicarious violence from her ex-partner in Colombia. This torment led her to make the courageous decision to leave her country and seek a new life in Spain, in pursuit of job opportunities. Her primary motivation has always been to provide strong support for her two children, who, unfortunately, were not receiving any financial assistance from their father. Her goal was clear and noble: to be able to afford her daughter’s education and ensure the well-being of her family.

What defines Lenis above all is her unwavering “Strength.” Despite the countless challenges and adversities she has faced, she never gave up. She continued to fight with tireless determination for the best for her children, demonstrating admirable resilience and courage throughout her journey.

The artwork production

Strength was inspired on the artwork Fisherwoman with baskets (1916), by Joaquín Sorolla.


© Séfora Camazano