Freedom is an artwork by Séfora Camazano. It is an original Giglée Fine Art printing on a 100% cotton acid-free canvas with dimensions of 120 x 90 cm. Dating from the year 2022, it forms part of “Female Portraits: Looking back to the Past” collection.

The painting is a portrait of Maryury. She is seated facing forward, slightly turning her head to the right. Her arms are crossed, resting on her legs. The color palette is reduced to soft grays and whites, which contrast with the her dark skin, the yellowish ochre of the hat, the pink flower and the large black bow.

Maryury and her parents fled Venezuela in search of safety and stability due to the political instability and violence in their home country. Once in Spain, she fell victim to gender-based violence at the hands of her ex-partner, who denied the child they had together. Despite the trauma she experienced, Maryury found the strength to break free from the toxic relationship and begin living life on her own terms.

“Freedom” symbolizes the transformative moment in which she reclaimed her agency and took control of her own destiny. Her inspiring journey serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of self-determination in overcoming adversity.

The artwork production

Freedom was inspired on the artwork Portrait of Raquel Meller (1918), by Joaquín Sorolla.


© Séfora Camazano