Struggle (Lucha) is an artwork by Séfora Camazano. It is an original Giclée Fine Art print on 100% cotton acid-free canvas with dimensions of 128 x 87,5 cm. Created in the year 2022, it is part of the “Female Portraits: Looking Back to the Past” collection.

The painting is a portrait of Ada. She is pictured as a gypsy woman dressed in pink and white with a light yellow shawl draped over her shoulders. She rests her right hand on her waist and with her left hand she holds a green-painted wooden chair. In the background, there is a courtyard of a house with several chairs against the walls.

Born in Honduras, Ada had to flee her home country due to the violent abuse inflicted upon her by her partner and father of her two daughters. She endured repeated death threats towards herself and her family until she made the brave decision to leave for Spain with her children. However, her journey was far from easy. She initially struggled to provide for her family and even found herself sleeping in a garage. Ada was even on the verge of losing custody of her daughters due to the challenges of single-handedly caring for both of them.

“Struggle” is a summary of Ada’s life, who despite these immense challenges, never lost hope and continued to fight tirelessly for a better life. Her unwavering determination to provide for her children and create a safe and secure future for them is a testament to her remarkable strength and resilience. In summary, Ada’s story is one of incredible struggle, perseverance, and the power of a mother’s love.

The artwork production

Female Portraits Exhibition – Westin Hotel, Valencia

Struggle was inspired on the artwork Maria la guapa (1914), by Joaquín Sorolla.