The great-granddaughter of Sorolla gives a masterful talk at Séfora Camazano's exhibition in Valencia.

November 19th 2023 – by Miguel Arce
From left to right: Almudena Lafuente, Encarna Roig, Rocío Cibrán, Fabiola Lorente-Sorolla, Séfora Camazano, Miguel Arce, and Eva Blasco.

The prestigious Westin Hotel in Valencia was the venue yesterday for a cultural event in honor of the Sorolla Year and the exhibition “Female Portraits: Looking Back to the Past” by the Hispanic-Brazilian artist Séfora Camazano. This special day had the presence and participation of Fabiola Lorente-Sorolla, an artist and great-granddaughter of the renowned painter Joaquín Sorolla, who enriched the evening with a masterful talk at 7:00 p.m.

During her presentation, Fabiola analyzed the connections between Séfora’s works and those of her great-grandfather, highlighting how both artists have captured the essence and strength of women in their respective creations. The audience was particularly moved when Fabiola shared her personal experience as a model for one of the pieces, symbolizing her own journey and resilience in the face of gender-based violence.

The presence of the exhibition’s curator, Miguel Arce, added additional value to the dialogue about art and its cultural impact. Also in attendance were the director of the Westin Hotel, Rocío Cibrán, Eva Blasco, Almudena Lafuente, Encarna Roig, and some women from the association La Orden del Querer Saber. The night concluded with the tasting of an exclusive limited edition wine, created especially to commemorate the exhibition.

The exhibition “Female Portraits: A Gaze into the Past,” which can be visited until November 23, has become an important meeting point in Valencia for art enthusiasts and advocates of gender equality, leaving an indelible mark on its passage through the city. It serves not only as a space for reflection but also as a recognition of the role of women in art and society.

© Séfora Camazano