“Retrats Femenins: Migrants” is now open

Retrats Femenins: Migrants

The photographic exhibition “Retrats Femenins: Migrants” (Female Portraits: Migrants), by artist Séfora Camazano, was inaugurated on March 7th by the Councilor for Heritage and Cultural Resources of Valencia, Glòria Tello. During the inauguration, Glòria Tello emphasized that this exhibition, presented by the Museum of History of Valencia, represents a unique opportunity to reflect on the reality of immigrant women, better understand their experiences and struggles, and find ways to support and make them visible in our society. She also encouraged everyone to visit the exhibition, which has free admission.

The inauguration was a deeply meaningful occasion, with the presence of several women who were the subjects of the displayed portraits. These women, having found a welcoming home in this country, felt a strong sense of excitement and gratitude as they saw their own images proudly exhibited in the museum. Recognizing that they have become an integral part of Valencia’s history, their emotions were tangible. This event underscores their importance and invaluable contributions to society, while also acknowledging their unwavering strength and resilience throughout their journeys as migrants.

“Retrats Femenins: Migrants” presents 30 portraits of immigrant women from 15 different nationalities and diverse backgrounds, ages, and cultures. These women have faced various forms of violence in their countries of origin, which prompted them to leave their lives behind in search of a better future. The exhibition highlights the global issue of female migration, showcasing the unique and powerful stories of these brave women.

Where: Museo de Historia de Valencia: Calle València, 42, 46920 Mislata, Valencia
From March 7th 2023 extended until January 7th 2024
Free entrance

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